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day 5

Jun 28, 2012 - 0 comments

I wish I had started writing in this on the first day. But its okay. Today I had a hard day with anxiety and cravings but Its almost night time and even when i was offered a pill I didnt take it almost made me crazy I think it did but I want to get through this. Its only been 5 days but its been over possibly 5 years now since I have gone that long  3 yrs has been the worse but 5 yrs is when it started. I want to be able to be a better person not someone that is ashamed and always tired The pills used to give me energy but not anymore I was so down all the time . They destroyed many things. i was too lazy to even care Now i am just trying to get over this hump and I know when i do all things will be so much better.  When I went Cold turkey it wasnt by choice I wanted to stop but the only reason i did was because I was unable to get any pills Blessing in disguise I was so scarred knowing I would be out so worried what WD would do to me. Not easy at all but also Not something that was going to kill me. It gave me back my life!

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