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Lazy Sunday, but still experiencing leg pain

Jan 04, 2009 - 0 comments



leg pain




Anterior Fusion




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OK, so I'm still concerned I may have a blood clot in my left leg, 3 weeks post op from my ALIF.  I'm wearing the TED stockings and it appears to help a little, but still I'm going to call the Dr.'s office tomorrow to see if they want to do an ultrasound to see if I do or not.

I'm a little excited that my back is starting to look normal again from the posterior entries the surgeon did to insert the rods in my back.  I have a HUGE bruise that's healing in my lower back right in the middle of the 4 incisions he made.  One of the incisions looks really good and the other 3 are healing.  Of course, my tummy still looks like Edward Scissorhands wanted to do a C-Section, the old fashioned way.  Even my real C-Section scar is minimal in comparison.  

I'm hoping that by week 4, I'll be feeling a little more spunky.  I'm sick of boredom and even more so of being limited to what I can and can't do.  

I so want to come off all the meds soon, I'm so tired of having to take Percocet and Zanaflex to control my pain.  My biggest fear is getting addicted to these drugs.  Zanaflex is a miracle drug, albeit a highly addictive one.  I'm not worried about being addicted to Percocet because it honestly doesn't do too much for me.  If there are any others out there who take Zanaflex on a regular basis, I'd like to hear some feedback as to how you do with it.

Hopefully, everything will be a-ok with the whole leg deal.  I'm certainly ready to have this pain gone.  It just seems like every day there's a different pain, a different sensation, and a different gripe.  I'm not sleeping either, which bothers me the most.  

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