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Getting to know myself...

Jun 29, 2012 - 1 comments




I just got written out from psychiatric today, papers in my hand saying "Bipolar" and with a prescrition for Litium. I really don't know what to think, what to feel, whatever... My world is turned upside-down. Or maybe turned the right way? Or maybe the wrong way was the right way?

Upside down everybody is nice to eachother.

The people telling me to turn the right way are not nice to eachother.

Why should I turn to the bad side?
Because they lock me up and take away my driverslicense...
Or more importantly, the premission to be me?
An individual, a humanbeing with a right to be on this planet?

It is this "other person" who has become an engineer.
It is this other person who has come up with the ideas I am presenting for the government in just a few days, which could mean a brighter future for my country if accepted.
It is this other person who made such great progress at two fellow patients at psyciathric that the head doctor came thanking me with tears in his eyes.
Without even meaning to, I had done what he had spent months trying to do.
Why should we limit this?

I still feel like me though...
Hope I get to keep that, at least...

I have to take my meds because of their threaths, not because I truly want to...

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by shotgunkelly, Jun 29, 2012
I believe I'm bipolar and adhd I'm about to be homeless the home I'm in has been sold I've got one mth to move id like to rent a room in greenviille s.c.with bipo I can't get into mental health woman said I no qualifie if anyone knws we're I can get help with any of my problems please contact me at 8644510935 thanks for your time and I've got couple mths to move they r not giving me a hard time bout living but I wanted to get help with the adhd and bipolour.

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