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Pain is out of control. Don't know what else to do, but cry

Jun 29, 2012 - 2 comments

So my doctor made referrals for pain management, endocrinology, and neurology on the 8th. I was told I should have gotten something in the mail with the specialist's names and phone numbers to make appointments within a week. Well it has been almost 3 weeks and they said that it could take another 4 weeks. UGH!
I have looked up those respective specialists on the medical insurance website and found a few who accept my insurance. I don't understand why it is taking so long. I called my insurance company to see how I can switch providers because the one I have now doesn't prescribe anything for people who have chronic pain issues. They gave me a few doctors names who specialize in internal medicine. I call them and they tell me they don't even accept my insurance. Go figure.
My head hurts so bad that all I can do is lay around and cry. My neck and back hurt bad as well. I have viral pharyngitis and it is aggravating my already painful body. I went to the urgent care to be evaluated because I was running fever of 102 and my head feels like it is going to explode from pressure. The doctor looked at my tonsils, said they were very red and swollen, my lymph nodes are enlarged and I have quiet lung sounds. He didn't even do an x-ray of my chest to look for any signs of pneumonia or anything. I was at the clinic a total of 10 minutes. He gave me tylenol and all I did was gag and puke them up. I have been having such a difficult time even swallowing my own saliva.. He said I should just crush some tylenol into some applesauce.. And take lozenges for throat pain. I have been sucking on chloraseptic throat lozenges for 4 days now. I have tried to gargle salt water, but that makes me gag. I feel so tired and my body hurts.. crying just makes my head hurt worse.The other day I was seen at my doctors office and they suggested that I consider a tonsillectomy because I get tonsillitis very frequently. I don't know if I want to do that. I was given some cheratussin while I was at my docs office the other day, but that stuff really hurts my tummy even when I take it with food and a full glass of water. I have barely eaten or had much liquid because it hurts too bad to swallow. I can't sleep well at night. I wake up every hour because I am either coughing violently or because my head/neck and back hurts.
I was diagnosed with ovarian cysts last week, my right ovary was full of cysts and I still have some pain from that. Ovarian cancer does run in my family.. But I don't know how to ask for a cancer screening. I know that this particular cancer is called the "silent killer" because symptoms don't show up until the cancer is advanced. I also need to see an endocrinologist to follow up on that hypoepoic nodule on my right thyroid gland, as well as my pituitary adenoma. It is so weird. I am barely eating or drinking anything but yet I am gaining weight. What the heck would cause that? When I do eat, it isn't much then I get full real fast.

Someone please offer advice or send prayers my way.
God bless

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1968463 tn?1374757813
by Rahe28, Jun 30, 2012
Oh my dear Krystal, I am so sorry that you are just having such a roughgo of it  ! You yourself know that you have to be your own NEED that cancer screening asap !!!What is  going on with the fluid on your brain? When do you see Dr E again? Maybe he could help tp put you in the right direction. Maybe the weightgain could be one of your meds?? It was on one of mine !

Lotsof prayers your way, as always sweet<3

1306714 tn?1327257080
by linnielou232, Jul 01, 2012
So so sorry to hear about all the pain your having.  I know what this is like.  I would be persistant and call everyday so you can get this taken care of.  I went to a pain clinic and I went to having a pain level of 1-10 ( mine was a 12) to at least a 4-5.  They helped so much with the head pain.  They gave me a TENS unit to try and it helped so much with the swelling so please ask about this when you go to pain clinic.  It's worth a try.  They also put me on a Fentanyl patch because I was tired of taking pain med's and as the Dr. explained to me.  Some people with Chairi don't need pain med's but some like me has to (chronic pain).  She made me feel better and helped me understand it is just like a diabetic that needs to take insulin.  I do feel a lot better  and also I noticed Rahe28 say something about weight gain.  I gained 15 pds after being on Lyrica and the pain clinic changed me to Keppra 500 mg twice a day and I lost this weight and also my insurance Co. covers this med.  Keep being persistant about the screening we all know the medical run around.  You have been through enough.  I wish you the best.  Your in my thoughts and prayers.
Linda :)

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