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Does Obesity Put Women at Higher Breast Cancer Risk?

Jul 02, 2012 - 0 comments

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Breast Cancer

Obesity can be defined as too much body fats and it play a vital role to cause various health complications. According to a research obesity is not concerned with the weight of body it is all about the body fats. Difference of body weight among people is not due to the difference of fats it is due to the difference of other things such as water, muscles, bones and other types of tissues within the body.
How to Measure Obesity?
Obesity is measured by the size of person’s Body Measure Index (BMI) and it is related to the height and weight of the individual. It is measured by dividing the weight with height multiplied by 2 and according to the studies if a person has BMI more than 25 he / she is considered as overweight and BMI more than 30 puts a person into the category of obesity.
Different Aspects of Obesity
Different aspects of obesity are related to the breast cancer risk such as the time of life when a woman becomes obese, where exactly the weight is carried on the body and what is the speed of becoming obese. Generally it is perceived that obesity is one of the major breast cancer risk factors and it puts women at higher risk to develop breast cancer, but some studies have shown that obesity before menopause reduces the risk to develop this cancer however being obese after menopause increases the risk.
Obesity is linked to a larger exposure to estrogen and it is confirmed that amount of the estrogen and the duration of exposure affects the risk of developing breast cancer. Fat cells produce a substance that increases the risk of being affected by this cancer. There are various hormones like substances produced by fat cells also contribute to increase the risk of breast cancer. Obesity causes other hormonal changes as well that may affect the risk of developing this cancer at any stage of life.
How to Get Rid Of Obesity?
Every person wants to get rid of obesity because it not only affects health, but also has a strong impact on the risk of breast cancer as well so every woman needs to get rid of it to stay healthy. There are different ways to get rid of it such as
Healthy Food
Women should eat healthy food and the food rich in fats should be avoided by women because consumption of saturated fats increased the risk of developing breast cancer.
Regular Exercise
Regular exercise is another way to increase the risk of developing breast cancer so it is essential for women to exercise regularly at least 30 minutes per day.
Women who become obese after menopause should go for regular breast cancer screening because breast examination in the old age is crucial, however it is necessary for women of all ages but the importance increases as the women age.

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