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Lucy 07-04-12

Jul 04, 2012 - 1 comments






Happy Independance Day!!

Lucy is doing extremely well.  We are so glad that we decided to put her through the operation.  She is even more active than she used to be.  I am not sure it is related, but it is very comforting.

I forgot to mention that 3 weeks ago, Lucy had a mishap with Lani (our other cat).  We do not know what happened, but Lucy started bleeding from her tummy again.  As the stiches were removed a week earlier, the incision was still fragile.  Some scaps fell off, which re-opened part of the incision.  We had to go back to the vet to look at it.  

Lucy got 4 new stiches and was fine with it.  It did help as her incision is now well close and healing very well.  Maybe it was too early to remove the stitches, or the fact that Lucy was feeling good and moved a lot (as well as jumped) did not help.

We do not believe that we will have Lucy going through the chemo.  She is doing so well that we do not feel comfortable putting her through the side effects.  The results were trully 50/50, but the last biopsy was extremely positive.  

Thank you for listening and following our journey.  Please contact us if you have any questions or comments,

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by opus88, Jul 04, 2012
Same to you Laurant...

thanks for the update on dear Lucy. I am just so happy to hear of how well she's doing..despite a small set back..perhaps she was feeling a bit too frisky a little soon? Anyway they are all healing up great so no big deal other than a little more trauma for her.

I can understand what you are saying in regards to the chemo treatments....its so much easier to accept treatments when they are ill, but when they are feeling so good and doing so well its really hard to even think of spoiling that....and contributing to making them unwell.
If it were me I really do think I would be making the same choice. You have her best interest at heart. Thanks so much for updating us....give Lucy a big hug and a gentle squeeze from me and my boys. We think of her often♄

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