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Catch Breast Cancer Symptoms By Being Regular In Self Breast Exam

Jul 05, 2012 - 0 comments

Breast Cancer


breast examination

Breast cancer the most commonly occurring disease among women has become a threat for their lives. It is responsible for deaths of millions of women. Early detection of this disease is however, only a sure way for successful treatment. Symptoms caused by this disease are a guide in its early detection. Very common symptoms of this cancer are;
• Breast pain consistent in nature
• Formation of wrinkles on breast skin
• Nipples releasing some fluid excluded milk
• Redness or some other texture changes on breast skin
• Appearance of a lump in breast or in underarm area
• Formation of some mass in any part of chest area
These symptoms are most likely breast cancer indications. And most of them are found by women undergoing a self breast exam. That is the reason why a huge stress is laid upon starting and following a breast exam by women of all ages every month. This exam is performed with two main objectives. These objectives are look and feel.
Look strictly refers to getting familiar with appearance of breasts. Appearance of breasts includes breast skin, shape, nipples, areolas, size, underarm, and collarbone. While looking at your breasts you need to cover the look of all these areas as symptoms like skin wrinkle less, texture changes, and swelling are the abnormal variations those can be seen while taking a look of breasts.
You are supposed to stand in front of mirror to cover look of chest area from all angles. Start first by examining size and shape of your breasts. Then move your arms first over your head and then keep them on your hips. You have to see that during these hand movements did you find any change in shape like swelling on any part of breasts.
Once you have completed looking breasts, armpit, and collar bone start looking at nipples. As you become familiar with normal color of your nipples and areolas next important step is to squeeze your nipples. It is a significant step in self breast exam because in this way you are actually assuring yourself that there is no fluid coming out of nipples as it can be a signal for nipple’s abnormality.
As you have completed breast examination with the view of look, initiate the next part of exam that is breasts’ feel. Start with circular movements on all chest area including armpits. Be in touch with your chest when you are moving fingers of your hand on it so that you become familiar with normal feel of breasts inside. After completing breasts’ feel for tissues near chest skin put different level pressures to get know how of tissue deep near chest wall. It is good to start with normal pressure then after putting a medium level pressure press your breasts with a bit firm level that will be really helpful in finding out a lump if it exists deep in breasts. When you have performed this exam be sure that no part of chest area is remained unchecked because ignorance of a single moment can cause you a harm for lifetime.
If you are suspected with presence of any abnormality during a self breast exam you should immediately make appointment to your GP without considering it ordinary. There some cases in which women initially considered breast pain normal because they experienced it during period as well but later due to its extremity when they were undergone breast screening they were diagnosed with breast cancer. Hence if you find any of the changes given above you are supposed, without relying on any self assumptions, make appointment to an expert.

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