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First day joining this site

Jul 06, 2012 - 0 comments

first day


Back pain



I found helpful information from other posts about pain after EMG testing which was so helpful. I also found some excersising tips for simple yet they said are great for people who have back pain. Will be trying those in the morning and report back in a week or so to see if they are helping. Fingers crossed they give me some relief! Looking forward to finding others with similar problems as mine to chat with. It's so hard to get others who have no back problems to understand what I go through every single day. Having severe back pain is also very depressing for many reasons.  First of all I feel terrible that I can't do so many things with my 4 year old daughter that she deserves and that makes me so so sad, secondly being in constant pain in itself is depressing and third it takes alot to get me going. I have been dealing with depression the past few months and when depression hits all you want to do is stay inside and do nothing which is so unhealthy! Hope to find some groups to join that understand most or all of what I am dealing with!

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