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anger agressiveness or some kind of phobia

Jul 09, 2012 - 1 comments







My family



I am 16 this year and am a asthma patient recently i am becoming really angry and dad's been two years since then I've nightmares they were so horrible that my fear would last for a week since last year I started screaming and still am doing so my family doesn't know what to do my younger sisters don't come near me anymore and when i tell this to someone they start making fun of me i am currently living at my grandma's house and there everyone thinks that i am mentally retarded freak even my mom says that i will never be able to carry myself and at school i don't have a single friend cause one i beat a girl real hard since then everyone became awfully sarcastic also I've transferred to anew school but no use when my teachers praise me for my grades my classmate bully me to death what should i do i totally hopeless.......

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by huni2, Jun 19, 2013
it dosent matter,you should relax,and ask doctor to give you tablets like loranzepam or somthing similar for your mood,and asthma also make moods bad it common you should not worry be calm and relaxed

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