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back pain

Jul 11, 2012 - 2 comments

Lumbar epidural steroid injection July 11, 0830.  Dr Spillane. BP 113/74 before and 115/76 after procedure. Still can't more than 10 minutes due to severe back pain and weakness in back.

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by kathy233, Jul 11, 2012
it will take at least 24 hours maybe 48 for the steroid to kick in.  It's excruciating pain until it does.  I had one in my lower back before and one in my wrist, they didn't tell me the pain the evening of would be so bad.  I had to look it up online.  The one for my tendonitis in my wrist helped 85% after the first week, the back one didn't help at all.  I just had a radiofrequency rhizotomy today by a pain management doc.  I have a lot of pain, too, but he said don't expect improvement for a week.  They burn the nerve endings with a laser or radiofrequency waves, and a lesion grows over the burnt nerve.

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by 67807, Jul 12, 2012
Thanks. I will remember that. My doctor said if this didn't help, he had other procedures that may work better. I'll see in a couple months. D

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