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ughhhhhhh a break pleaseeeeeeeeee!!

Jul 11, 2012 - 4 comments

does anyone know where i can get a moby or sling like a moby for like $30???? i was on this one site and kept trying to tell the gal i would buy it i really need one bad it would help me sooo much with my son and acid reflex plus him always wanting to be on my chest 24/7... anyways.... i finally got the money cuz fiancee is home and now  after 9 hours replies "IDK" , like wtf i have the moneyyy nowwww EEK!!.tell me yes or no and not lead me on geeze.. a lil upset here!!

i am sooooo desperate just to have him happy and i dont have to hear him scream but do what i got to do w/o him screamin like going to bathroom or making lunch [which i still have not gotten to do]..... and he is on my chest still upright at this moment it is the ONLY way he is not crying.... i don't know wth to do... they wont give him meds cuz he has the Tucker sling/wedge combo... and say elevate him instead of medicating him.....above it all I am iritated to the max & i have NO help with him or the house & my man gets home after 14 hour shifts i wont throw it all on him, poor guy.. ;/ Arggghh idk i am feelin a bit "down"...  okay a lot down..... ;'[

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1726707 tn?1362530938
by Shyladybaby27, Jul 11, 2012
I dont know what a Moby is but if you go on Ebay and search for mei tai a baby carrier you will find a neat thing I seen ones for under 30 shipping and all
here is a link of one of them so you could see

1396867 tn?1520810258
by hopeitworks, Jul 11, 2012
do u have a fisher price rock n play sleeper? those are great for babies with colic and reflux

2108578 tn?1356278629
by Jen1st_time_ivf, Jul 11, 2012
I have a coupon for a free one from seven slings, you just pay shipping, which is less than $15. I got it from motherhood. I'm not sure how fast it will get to you. Just let me know if your interested and I'll send it to you.

1706625 tn?1343061713
by annaluna, Jul 16, 2012
yeah i got a breastfeeding cover from them seven slings... and i got a moby finally.... and a moby is just a wrap.. alot of cloth no buckles etc...

and he hates his papusa vibrator seat he hates swings too.. just screamsssss. ;/

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