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Misty's story

Jul 11, 2012 - 12 comments

Misty, Angel from the streets.

You were a street-dog. I used to see you with your family, hanging out most of the day on the main street. I knew your family were drug dealers. But you always looked healthy enough, and didn't look hungry.As soon as I first laid eyes on you I knew there was an incredible bond between us that I couldn't explain. It was as if I already knew you, as if I was seeing someone so familiar and so my heart always filled with affection whenever I caught sight of you.

The drug dealers you were with hung out on that street, and sometimes walked down another street nearby, and I'd catch sight of you trailing behind them, watching them patiently, walking very slowly. If you were given an order, I noticed you always obeyed immediately. They would tell you "wait" as they went inside a shop and stayed there a long time. You would wait outside, never moving, staring absently at the ground.
But from the coffee shop across the road, I could see in your sweet face that a great big part of your young life was not being lived.....

I didn't know these people, except by sight as people I often saw in the street. But I sensed that I knew you. One day I went up to the woman and asked "What is your dog's name? Isn't she lovely?
"Misty" she replied, "She's called Misty".
Up to that point you had been cool with me, giving me no warmer greeting than you gave anyone else you met on the busy street. You saw so many people. But then I called your name, and you looked me in the eyes, and came to my outstretched hand, wagging your tail and wriggling your behind in a new greeting.
Sometimes in the days and weeks to follow, I would see you and greet you, and you would come up to me, all wriggling with pleasure. I'd stroke you and scratch your ears, then we would go our separate ways.

It was a strange coincidence (are there such things as coincidences?) -that one day  I stopped to help a young homeless man, a stranger, on the street. He had been badly beaten up, and I helped him and took him into my home. He told me he was addicted to drugs, and I promised to help as much as I could to support him. Well, one day he arrived at my home with you! He told me your owners had given you to him. I didn't even know he knew your owners!
What had happened is that your owners had intended to breed you to make money from selling your cute pups. But you and the pups had fallen sick from Parvo virus. They had all died, but you miraculously survived When they saw you were so sick, they passed the responsibility of you and presumably, the cost and hassle of your care, to the homeless man who came to them for drugs.

I did help the young man, and he eventually broke free from Crack cocaine and Heroin. But when he went away, you were left with me for months at a time.
You enjoyed my world of fields and woods,  and running semi-wild, you enjoyed being safe, of having a safe bed, and regular food, and fun. You were happy cuddling up to me at night. I used to see your eyes, the way you looked at me. I knew we had always known each other.
You were my little sister. My Soul Sister.

Sometimes the young man took you away. You were "his dog". He took you to the city, but many times he would call me saying you were depressed. He got arrested, and I had to come to fetch you, or you would have been put to sleep in 2 weeks.

Then one day he visited, saying he would take you away forever. My heart ached but I had to accept this. But although he had freed himself from drugs, his temper was bad, and he had now become alcoholic. I could see how scared you were, you were trembling and shaking, afraid of his tantrums.

So I stole you!
I didn't want to hurt him. He was vulnerable. But I knew my first loyalty was to you, Misty.
I first took you up with me to a high mountain I used to walk on when I was younger, and silently asked the Mountains and Nature what I must do. We stayed there all day, and I got my answer.
Nature wanted me to take care of you until you died.
So I stole you away from your past life. And knew I would pay the price. But promised to honour it to the last moment.

I payed the price on that early morning eight years later when I heard your last breath being taken, and then silence.

But until that sad day we had a wonderful life, my love. I thank you for the joy and love you brought me. I thank you for all your gifts to me. You changed my life.

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2071518 tn?1340383343
by em722, Jul 11, 2012
I am so touched by this poignant story of Misty. I didn't know how you got her, just where she came from. This is so special. May I say-you are a natural writer!!  Do you know this? Have you been published? Not for fame or fortune, but because your story would enrich lives. Thank you for sharing this. You are a very special person.

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Jul 11, 2012
I have never met Misty but you and I have been friends a long time and I felt as if I knew her, how special she was , and I have felt your pain , I know how hurt you are ..thats a wonderful story of Misty and I would like to think I would do the same ..she had a wonderful life with you ginger, no regrets ,you did what you had to do had guts and you took charge ...I am glad to call you my bestest friend ..margxxxxx

874521 tn?1424116797
by opus88, Jul 12, 2012
Oh Ginger what a wonderful story it really brought many tears to my eyes to read Misty's story....yes you two were just meant to be weren't many circumstances and that special bond right from the first introduction..
Misty no doubt had many sad days in her early years and sensed this love within you right from that first day...she was yours totally and unconditionally. I am so sorry she is gone, may your heart rest easier knowing the wonderful home you gave her for 8 full heart goes out to you in your sorrow. I know that empty feeling of loosing that one special companion, others will come along but there will always be the spot in our hearts left...(((hugs)))

Avatar universal
by aheart, Jul 12, 2012
Ginger I am just seeing this and it is such an engrossing tale of hope and survival and LOVE! I was hoping that you would keep writting about your girl. I have no doubt it was no accident that she kept ending up with you. Isn't fate just a miracle. What a team you were. The experts & scientists are coming out with new findings all over the news about how our pets lower blood pressure, ease depression, do amazing things for childern and on & on. Heck, we knew that a long time ago. Misty needed you and you needed her and that is what miracles are made of.

I hope you continue to write about the bond you & she had together. I know I love your stories. Thank you for sharing it with us and we look forward for more. xxoo

675347 tn?1365460645
by ginger899, Jul 13, 2012
That's what the vet said "You and Misty were an amazing team" And he also told me he'd seen a lot of dogs (obviously!) but in his opinion Misty was unique.
Thanks guys for reading Misty's story. The beginning and the end are quite dramatic...the bits in the middle just the daily round of woodland walks and fields and fun and food and frisbee. A happy life, well-lived.
Misty has become world famous! People all over the world  -including Russians- are reading Misty's Blog....I wonder what she'd make of that?

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Jul 13, 2012
hahahah he would be happy ginger two are winners ..and the world loves you both .....

Avatar universal
by LovelyLady926, Jul 13, 2012
awww... i'm all teary eyed. what a beautiful story. thank u for sharing this with me. i like to hear how pets and their pet parents met. hope u r havin a good day!

242912 tn?1402543492
by Jade59, Jul 14, 2012
Ginger honey, Ok, I've read Misty's story so many times, I know it by heart and can finally comment in a coherent fashion instead of sobbing my eyes out.  This is truly the most touching story I've ever read.  You made it easy to fall in love with your I did so many yrs ago now.  Have you written any of this before?...because much of it sounds familiar...which could be because I've read it so much, but I think over the yrs, you may of told some of it here and there.  You taking in the addicted homeless man sounds familiar the most.  Or maybe that's because it just sounds like something you would do. :)  

My cleaning lady who came yesterday just lost her dog a few mo's ago and is still grieving, so I will be sharing  "A Dog's Love" with her.  Thank you so much for posting it because if it weren't in your journal, I wouldn't of known about it.  Another tear jerker, goodness.  But so comforting at the same time.  

You are so often in my thoughts, and always in my prayers.  I hope each day brings a little more peace to your broken heart.  Love and Hugs, my friend...♥  

Avatar universal
by roni64, Mar 16, 2013
Aaarrrrgh! Tears on the keyboard, yet again! So much grief, yet without it, how would we ever truly know the joy and the wonder of love?

How well I know the heart-squeezing impact of a Soulmate dog. The spirit of my girl Dooey, gone now nearly 11 years, resides within me still, her life's lessons guiding me even now. Her life was a study in perseverance, determination, love, loyalty, and numerous other qualities. How humbling to learn so much from "just a dog!"

Dooey's mate and true husband, Boudin Rouge, lies here beside me now, dying of endstage something-or-other. They call it hemangiosarcoma of the spleen, yet he's still here 8-1/2 months after diagnosis, and I wonder if the diagnosis is correct. He's had no surgery or chemo. He is 18 years old, can apparently see only light patterns, and his mind is 90% gone. He cannot usually walk, and when he can, he looks like a frankenstein monster, his body twisted and gnarled, his back hunched up and twisted into a knot high on one side. He often goes in a circle to the left, oh so s-l-o-w-l-y.

That's especially humiliating because he's a standard dachshund and had near-perfect conformation, with the characteristic long, low, super-flat back.

Misty, though. I wrote this with Misty in mind, and will write about Boudin at another time. I close my eyes and say a prayer for Misty, who frolics in the misty spray of droplets surrounding the Bridge on a wild and windy day, waiting in eager happiness for her Ginger to finally come home. No doubt she has buddied up with Field Champion Dooey, also a creature of the woods and a lover of great adventures, especially those involving the bunny wabbits!

675347 tn?1365460645
by ginger899, Mar 16, 2013
Oh roni, I am so sorry. But Boudin Rouge is amazing! To live 8 1/2 months on from a Hemangiosarcoma diagnosis is brilliant. I don't know how long my Misty had it, but even though she was a tough dog and incredible for her age, it took her quickly at the end. But she could have had it for months, and it's hard to tell with Hemangiosarcoma as we don't know they've got it till they have a bleed.

What you wrote about Misty frolicking at the Bridge was beautiful. I often close my eyes in the silence, and imagine what it might be like there for her, and I see blue water, sparkling water, and a good dog friend and kind and loving spirits to befriend her.  I sense her spirit visiting from time to time, and there is so much love and happiness in her. I am filled with joy in my heart. But I miss her every day.

547913 tn?1317355667
by jimi1822, Mar 16, 2013
So touched by this Wonderful story "GOD Bless Misty." =0)

547913 tn?1317355667
by jimi1822, Mar 16, 2013

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