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Jul 12, 2012 - 0 comments








My energy picked up for the first few days after taking my thyroid meds.  After that, it was back to business as usual.  I'm tired as hell.  Yesterday I was hella dizzy and felt almost sick to my stomach.  My appetite hasn't really come back yet, I still sleep alot and don't do much physically.  Work has gotten busier, almost like its christmas time so that's the only thing I do most days.  Still showing out at work... just mostly being goofy as hell.

I'm also starting to have nightmares.  Not "scary as hell, wake up screaming" nightmares... more like the kind where something bad/odd happened in my dream and I wake up and think it really happened.  Takes me hours to figure out what was a dream and what was reality.  Sometimes i never figure it out.  Most of the day I feel like I'm asleep.

Got out Monday and went to the new fish store in Norman.  It was D, kj, my daddy and i.  we also went to a store called kirkland's that T recommended. Loved it...

Got hit on twice this week.  A guy threw up a sign in traffic that means "2 in the pink and 1 in the stink" and then the security guard just handed me his number tonight when i told him about that hand sign i got in traffic.  Doubt he wants to know me.. more like he just wants to ****. I'm kool on that and i'm not really sexually attracted to him anyway.  I sure could use a piece of ___ though... I'm trying hard to keep it in my pants.

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