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Thursday July 12, 2012

Jul 12, 2012 - 0 comments

Gallbladder removal


Green smoothies


normal blood sugars

This morning went to get an ultrasound done on my gallbladder. I hope its okay and nothing major...Can't seem to eat anything with lots of fat or oily. I love eating kettle corn and last night i ate some and got sick to my stomach... :(  It looks like i will have to go back to doing my green smoothies and eating raw. I like eating raw though... Been doing that for about a 1yr and half off and on... it helped me lose weight and stabilized my blood sugars to normal(80-90)and gave me so much energy to workout 6 days a week.

I have been having bad gallbladder attacks and the only thing that seems to smooth it is my green smoothies(mixed whole fruit and kale).

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