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Long month

Jul 13, 2012 - 0 comments

Since I had that small incident at the beach, collapsing, losing control of my leg muscles, shortness of breath, urine and bowel incontinence, it seems as though I have been unusually fatigued since then.  I've been getting small little things that don't last long, but its either painful or bothersome.  

Yesterday, for a brief moment and returned on and off was my right eye was blurry.  Not my left, just my right.  Maybe after a half hour the blurriness went away.  It came back today for a little while but now the eye hurts a teeny bit. It's so teeny I shouldn't even call it "hurt". LOL.

My balance is way off too.  Dont know what's up with that. I cant seem to go out and photograph everyday like I did before that incident of fainting or whatever at the beach.  Im going every 3 days and when I do go, its only for an hour and a half max. I can't take the heat and the walk back to my car from the beach is too much.

I saw the surgical oncologist yesterday for a follow-up on my 6 month mammo and U/S where the doctor noted three new solid masses in the right breast that wasn't there 6 months ago.  She wanted to do a biopsy but I asked her instead of that can I have a MRI instead.  Last time I had a biopsy (stereotactic), I ended up 15 days after the procedure (which didnt bother me) with allodynia of the left nipple that lasted 6 weeks. It was so painful that I wanted the surgeon to cut it off! LOL!  So I'm afraid of that happening again, hence the reason why I asked for MRI.

The doctors get a little pushy on that due to my atypical ductal hyperplasia that had stromal whatever.  But, the important thing is, everytime I've had a lumpectomy, it has come out benign.  Therefore, I want to avoid anymore invasive procedures that will push me back into some kind of neurological pain. LOL.  Chicken $hit, I know.

Anyways, this is my way of "venting"

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