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Week 10 in the bag after tonight!

Jul 15, 2012 - 2 comments

coconut oil


flaxseed oil



Yeah, this 20g's of fat *****! I tried coconut oil and loved it but if I take the whole 20g as coconut oil, I found it gives me bad diarrhea. Same for the flaxseed oil. Mcdonalds double cheeseburgers work well (although I would normally never eat these)and you can just eat the meat/cheese if you can't stomach the whole thing...

Platelets are steady pretty steady at 40-60k. Hopefully I may be able to reduce my dosage (now 75-mg/daily) of Promacta after the Incivek. All theses meds have their own sides and no of 'em are any fun!

Also had my Riba reduced from 1200 to 600 mg/day after hgb went <10. Now back up to ~12!

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by Dee1956, Jul 15, 2012
Hi that sounds great 10 weeks!  You are doing well.  I think that some of what you eat with the fat needs to be a solid.  The cheeseburger sounds good :)  I have not had one in years.  I was not very imaginative during Incivek, it was so difficult to come up with healthy fat that I ate peanut butter with apples or  chips and avocado. Once in a while I would have eggs with toast/butter, glass of milk etc to make it add up to 20 g's.  It sounds like you are doing well.

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by BigDaddy_59, Jul 16, 2012
Yeah Dee, hard to be creative when your not hungry! I went shopping the other day and ended up only getting Ensure because the thought of food just turned me off! The toast has been working for me lately.

Thanks for the kind words!


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