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This site seems promising

Jan 06, 2009 - 11 comments

I have no idea who I'm writing to, but if you're reading this, I'll talk to you.

I came across this page when looking up a question, and I found an answer, but I decided to stay and see what else happens.

I've fallen in love with the trackers though. This year, like many people, I'm aiming to lose weight and eat healthy. So, these trackers will be really helpful in keeping myself in check. I'm aiming to be healthier in 8 weeks, but even beyond then. I'm currently blogging my experiences on my blogger page, , and so feel free to watch and keep track along with me!

well, there's not much else going on now. I'll update this later though.

see ya!

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712314 tn?1303101690
by Rach878, Jan 06, 2009
Hi, welcome to the site. It's good that you want to eat, lose weight,  and be healthy. I'm sure you've realized by looking at the site that you're not the only one trying this, and many of us have had extreamly unhealthy ways of loosing weight. You seem like a chill person, so whatever you do, take my advice and make sure to stay healthy.

697132 tn?1232389372
by mikeg427, Jan 06, 2009
Why thank you! you're awesome! If I may ask, are you amongst the estimated 80% of Americans who made a resolution to lose weight as well? This site will still take some getting used to haha.

yeah, I'm going to do my best to stay healthy this year. I need to make changes in my life, and that's one of the most important ones! thanks for the advice!

712314 tn?1303101690
by Rach878, Jan 07, 2009
Yes i did make a resolution to loose weight. However i have an eating disorder so for me the resolution was to loose weight the healthy way.
If i may ask what are the changes you need to make in your life?

697132 tn?1232389372
by mikeg427, Jan 07, 2009
Congratulations on acknowledging that! It takes a strong person to notice it and aim to fix it. Best of luck to you! Please keep me updated on your status and efforts!

And well, there's some changes I need to make in pretty much everything. I need to watch my spending (my job at the school got cut so I'm on a really tight budget now), I need to watch my school work and dedication because I'm planning to transfer out. I'm also considering transferring to different cities, and so that'll be a major change as well.

And so I figured, I need to make a change in my diet and activity, because It's time. I realized, I'm aiming to change all these things and work harder, yet I'm willing to let myself stay the same and run the risk of gaining different weight-related conditions? So I'm working my best to work off my gut, while also aiming to eat healthier. Since I'm probably going to move out next school year (wherever I end up!) I'll need to know how to cook, and what better way than to learn to eat healthy things?

Unfortunately I can't do much right now, I just got my wisdom teeth pulled, and so I have to put my workout and diet on hold for a few days. I guess today I'll lose weight, but not the way I wanted (I was only able to eat once because of my teeth)

oh well. We shall see how this year goes!

Sorry this got long btw lol

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by JoyRenee, Jan 07, 2009
What's up, Mike?! I'm Joy and I'm currently trying to lose 50lbs myself. I blog a little about it on my fertility blog: Lots of girly talk so you might not really want to read it but whatever. It's out there.


203342 tn?1328740807
by April2, Jan 07, 2009
Ugh, the wisdom teeth. I remember that! Yeah, you'll probably lose a little just from that, lol. You'll only be able to do liquid for awhile probably.
I saw your picture on your profile. You don't look overweight at all! Are you sure you want to lose weight? Maybe just work out more and gain some muscle.
Best wishes to you. This is a great site, by the way! I think you'll like it. :)

208686 tn?1293034103
by pcarsey, Jan 07, 2009
Hey Mike!  I'm Patty. Congrats on trying to start the new year off right! Isn't this Forum Superb?!?! I just wanted to stop by and say Hi and to ask you if you have ever looked into a program called turbulence training? And, NO, I'm not out to sell any product or anything like My husband does it 4-5 days a week and it's great! Ofcourse I could do it more but my baby keeps me pretty occupied.. hehe But if you are interested, you might want to look into it. Welcome to Medhelp!


365714 tn?1292202708
by MJIthewriter, Jan 07, 2009
Welcome to the community. :)  The trackers are a nice feature. I hope all goes well and you can meet your goals.

697132 tn?1232389372
by mikeg427, Jan 07, 2009
JoyRenee, Sure! I'll check it out! I always enjoy reading interesting things, and blogs and journals are certainly interesting. They provide a lot of insight, so that'd be great! I'd love to check it out!

April2, Thank you! That's actually an old picture. that's back when I was 166, and right now i'm 180. I'll try to upload another older photo and some new ones lol. I want to go back and relive those "high school" years, but even then, I could have been more in shape, but thank you for that compliment!

pcarsey, ah yes! I HAVE heard of that! And thank you for the welcome! I actually may start doing that next week! I had planned on doing normal workouts this week, and they were nice and all, but realized that I could work a bit harder. I was looking at four different workouts, I was looking at:

The Men's Health Belly Off Club:
Jillian Michaels workout (From Biggest Loser):
the Turbulence training:
(And I watch Craig's blog, at

haha I have so many sites on weight loss and workouts, maybe it's finally time to put them to use. =D

Just deciding which would work with my school schedule and be good for me is the hard part. Anybody have any input? Btw, I'm taking a jogging class on MW and a Yoga class on Thursday. So, that'll help too! =)

and MJIthewriter, thank you for the welcome! Yes, those trackers are quite helpful! I had a paper where I was going to keep track, but having a back-up way that is also pretty visual is really handy! Thank you the encouragement!

208686 tn?1293034103
by pcarsey, Jan 07, 2009
Mike, just to let you know, my husband does the turbulence training 3 days a week (it only takes 45 minutes tops), the other days he just does some running on the treadmill or some resistance training (which TT has some of that in it as well), and he keeps in great shape! We have the ebook and it has everything you need in it to keep track and everything. He would recommend you try it! He has been doing it for about 6 months now.

697132 tn?1232389372
by mikeg427, Jan 07, 2009
wow, that's quite awesome! Thank you for that information! I think I will look more into it. But from what I've seen of it, it asks for some workout equipment that I don't have, and so I have to try to improvise or skip that workout. I don't like doing that haha I have a limited workout area in my house.

Actually that's a lie haha. We have a weight bench, treadmill, two nearby tracks (one high school w/ stadium and one elementary) and I have a bowflex (which I got a GREAT deal on). And so, I have no idea why I'm not in better shape with all this available to me lol

But thank you for that! I'll be sure to look more into it.

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