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Another Day in Paradise

Jul 18, 2012 - 1 comments

Just loving this. NOT. I’ve been having significant issues again and the heat is only making it worse.

I went to the doctors on Monday to start wheels in motion again and found it odd that my temperature was 99.7, when my normal is 97.6. It’s now Wednesday, the third day of heat and I’m running a degree above normal. Now I understand exactly what Uhthoff’s is all about.

My vision is way, way off. I can’t read the long paragraphs in posts and now understand why the forum asks members to break them up. LOL.

Balance is also wicked. Would love to take a shower, but afraid to do so. Might fall if I close my eyes.

My stomach feels like it is upside down between the vision and equilibrium thing. I can’t sit still for more than 15 minutes.

Both hands have been really tingling like crazy, so much so that it is waking me up at night. Also having muscles in my right leg flutter and bugs crawling on my lower legs.

Wish that I can get an answer to this soon. I am truly afraid that I will be losing my job.

I feel like a shut in right now : (

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by margypops, Jul 19, 2012
do some research and check out environmental allergies..many people are having similar symptoms can ask for a heavy metal toxicity test , we are being sprayed with the aerial spraying and the toxins are bad for us with many health effects ...worth checking out look up "What on earth are they Spraying' and coming soon..'What in the World are they Spraying' Ginger899 has a journal from a little while ago on her profile page ..

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