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Kinda a vent...

Jul 18, 2012 - 2 comments

I also put this in the pregnancy forum so if you're seeing it twice.... sorry

First off, I'm sorry if this is all over the place and kinda long.. I'm a little upset and confused right now.. so, back in Sept 2010 I was pregnant... which unfortunately ended in miscarriage.. at the time I was seeing a new OB.. She had just graduated that summer.. Anyway, after my m/c she didn't follow my numbers back down.. In Oct, I got a pos preg test.. So, I called her and all she did was send me for blood work.. she only sent me for 1!!! back then, I didn't know what I do now so I thought that was normal. My level came back at 225... at that point, she said it was a new pregnancy i was just very early. I took her word for it and started my prenatals again and all that. She then told me she doesn't need to see me and just booked me for an u/s for Dec.. Once again, I knew nothing about levels and all that at this time so, I assumed everything was normal.. I felt pregnant and wasn't having any bleeding..

So, go to my u/s in Dec and of course right away, I knew something was wrong because the tech wouldn't answer my questions about the HB and all that.. She just kept saying you need to see your OB.. They had me sit in a waiting room while she confirmed "something" with her boss and they right away contacted my OB. I was then told to go from the hospital to my OB to talk about the u/s.. So, I go to her office and she tells me there's nothing but random tissue in my uterus and I need to have a D&C immediately.. The next day, i go for the procedure and they did a biopsy on the tissue removed.. It turned out, it was tissue from the pregnancy in Sept that never left my body and had turned pos for cancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, right away I'm having all these tests done and put on all this medication to make sure i didn't infact contract the cancer from this tissue.. While all this was happening I had to resign from my job because iw asn't there long enough for medical leave.. and it was my dream job!!! :'(

Fast forward to this week, I'm in a whole new city with an OB i trust and completely adore... I go to see him yesterday and he tells me he's on holidays next week and I have to see his on call OB.. So, I get a piece of paper with the OB's address and name and my appt time.. I get home and look at it.. I start trying to find the dr online because i HATE going to a Dr I know nothing about.. And there's NOTHING about this Dr in my current city - weird right?? Well, after a couple hours thinking I then realized the Dr that I see next week has the same last name is the Dr from my previous city. (The one in the story I just told) So, I looked her up and according to the net she's still in the other city... I still had her phone number in my phone so I decided to try calling it and see what happens.. Well, low and behold I call it, it's no longer in service and it's been changed to the number of the Dr I have to see next week.. I HAVE TO GO BACK TO HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she's in my city now.. So, I called my OB to ask if I happen to go into labour next week, what happens then? ( I only have 13 days til my c section but my OB doesn't think I'll make it that long.) Anyway, he says his on call Dr will be the attending physician.. I'm SO nervous to see her but, if I go into labour, she'll be the one doing my c section!!! That scares that crap outta me.. She's only been an OB for not even 2 years and I don't trust her, i'm not comfortable!

Now, I'm completely frreaking out! I don't know what to do.. I've called 7 other OB's in my area begging them to take me while my OB is on holidays but half of them are either on holidays or, they're too full!!!

Sorry it was long and rambley I'm just ffreaking out here and not sure what to do ... I almost wanna leave this city til my OB comes back and give birth at another strange hospital over seeing her!!

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2005734 tn?1375997834
by tree85, Jul 18, 2012
I feel awful for you!! I am sorry to say I don't have any advice, but I feel your pain. I would not trust her after what she did to you during your first pregnancy. If I were you, I would go see her, talk to her, and base my decison on what she has to say. Hopefully in the past 2 years she has gained some knowledge and maybe she is a more responsible ob now? I hope all goes well for you! Good luck.

1351078 tn?1416316746
by retta483, Jul 18, 2012
omg ! Id be freaking out too nothing like a dr that is learning  Ive had people learning before and they are not as good as someone you are comfortable with . I  will pray your dr is back in time !  that happend to me my last baby My ob got the h1n1 flu and I had some random dum dum do my c section she sewed me up cricked and caused me to have a painful skin tag i had to get removed :(

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