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I Don't Know if I can Ever Recover...

Jan 07, 2009 - 1 comments




I am home again after 3 nights in the hospital... I had a high fever and my dr was worried I had an infection from the J-tube. Nope. They were worried I had blood sepsis ? or something... I have been on VERY strong antibiotics since the pneumonia and kidney infections so I don't understand how I could get anything else!!!

Anyway... it turns out that I have some type of problem with my intestines not absorbing nutrients. My doctor says I need at least DOUBLE the calories in my J-tube to maintain my weight... and more to gain anything! The nurses locked my bathroom because they thought I was vomiting! I was NOT. I have not made myself vomit at ALL. I am not eating much anymore because I don't have to with the J-tube.

Honestly - I think I'm just going to stay sick. I don't think I can get better.

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by dnikki0928, Jan 07, 2009
Wow, I am sorry you are going through all of this...Blood sepsis is when your infection travels to your blood stream, obviously not a good thing.
I'm glad you are home...but you need to start eating even if you have a J-tube in. You can't just give up like that!! You will get better and you need to start eating so you can get better. Ignore the nurses, they jump to conclusions to fast sometimes...
Please just don't give up on yourself... If you need/want to talk, just let me know...


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