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Jul 23, 2012 - 0 comments

Hello evryone as many of you know i have been posting on here for couple months looking for support to get off Percocet well I did it I was 2 days off them hardest battle as many of you know its so hard I thought once I got through the physical I would be free Well No the  battle just had started Mental battle and i was really working hard changing my life doing positive things to help myself. Well I had an accident at work I fell on  wet floor and Broke my arm and had to have Surgery and also herniated My disc on my lower back and will need Intense Phy therapy. I also managed to get a black eye busted lip really just looked a mess.
My question is this I am taking Pain meds now I know that if I take them as prescribed I will be okay. But I also know that i am an addict and so far I have been doing good . But My Body is a mess the pain meds arent taking care of pain 100% I just wish There was something I could take that is Non-Narcotic that would help me. Part of my pain i truly feel is because my body has built up such a tolerance to pain meds from abussing them for 5 yrs plus. If The pain meds arent working then why not just take the nonnarcotic and go from there. Well I tried Toradol and it didnt even touch the pain of my arm. The dr. said it will take time at first I was told 7-10 days at least before I started going down on meds. But yesterday I had to go back to surgeon because I had a lil accident and tripped over shoe and landed on my arm. Ripped a few on my stitches all fixed up again but The Dr said I will really need to increase my pain meds he feels I am hindering my recovery by being in pain its causing me stress and body doesnt heel properly when stressed. I am so scarred to relapse I know if i just keep taking meds as prescribed I will be fine. But I find myself so anxious about it each time I Put a pill in my mouth. anyone ever have a need for pain meds after being clean I know i am (was only 20 days i but i was very proud of that. I worked hard and changed my habbits made myself work out made myself go places when i just wanted to hide. and it helped because I was doing good not great but good. any advice would be great. I actually feel better already just writing this. I know I need to recover first and then go from there. Its just hard I worry.So I write my feeling down hoping to get some insight and it does help just writing it all down I Know the answer get better let myself heal properly and then move forward.

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