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Wisdom Teeth Removal and the Different Ways to Manage Pain

Jul 25, 2012 - 0 comments

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Every tooth in a man's head is more valuable than a diamond but sadly wisdom teeth is a pain in the neck. Fortunately wisdom tooth can be removed through surgery however pain may still exist in some patients even after tooth extraction. Headaches and tooth pain usually last for a couple of weeks. If the victim knows how to manage the pain then they can lead a normal life without affecting the regular work.

Here we will discuss about the different ways to manage pain and make the wound heal faster.

(a) Garlic is rich in antibacterial properties, chewing it can help to keep off bacteria away from mouth. Moreover it reduces swelling that usually occurs for a couple of days after wisdom teeth removal.

(b) Eugenol which is the oil of cloves can help to reduce the pain temporarily. It can also provide temporary relief on tooth pain that occur as a result of temperature sensitive. Tooth pain as a result of pulp problems can also be lowered using oil of cloves. Painful cavities can be filled with temporary filling using a mixture of eugenol and zinc oxide. It can act as a temporary solution for a decayed cavity or crack on the teeth until you meet the dentist.

(c) Benzocaine is one of the best over the counter medication and it works well even if there is a large cavity in a wisdom teeth. It can numb the area completely and gives temporary relief from pain. The more close you place it to pulp the better it works.

(d) Extreme cold or hot drinks can easily affect your nerves and causes pain on decayed wisdom tooth. Also avoid extreme sugary or salty drinks and foods.

(f) Once you have extracted your wisdom tooth, mild swelling may occur inside the mouth for sometimes, an ice compress on cheek can reduce the pain as well as lower the swelling.

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