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I am not having fun

Jul 25, 2012 - 0 comments








Bowel Trouble. I took a laxative last night since my last BM was hard and I hadn't had another one since then.

Usually by morning, I am rushing for the restroom as I have powerful diarrhea. This time, not so much. I woke up and forced out a small BM. (bad, I know) But I felt totally backed up. Since I'd had one BM that was very reluctant to come, I decided it was safe to go and run some errands.

What a mistake! While in the grocery store, I started getting powerful urges to go poo. I decided to finish my shopping and go when I got home. I hate using public toilets.

Again...mistake. Before I knew it, it felt like a huge rock was trying to force it's way out of my rectum!! The good news...the laxative was finally working. The bad news...I have a basket full of groceries and can't run to the bathroom. So I decided to abandon the rest of my shopping and struggled to get out of the store without having a terribly embarrassing accident. (it's happened to me before- not a good time) I was squeezing my cheeks together so hard, I broke out in a cold sweat and started feeling really dizzy.

I eventually made it out of the store with my dignity intact and decided to stop at the new gas station across the street. Better chance of a new gas station having clean restrooms. I was right.

After finally relieving myself. I had sore muscles and cramps. But that beat having to drive all the way home with what felt like a rock up my butt!!

I finished my shopping at another store and went home without incident-- except for the dizzy spells that never went away.

What a way to start the day!!

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