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Today was an all new disaster!

Jan 07, 2009 - 1 comments



Anterior Fusion






6 bonion surgery's



So, 3 wks out of surgery and today I decided to venture out to pick up my son from school (3-4 blocks away) and get ice cream at a local shop right around from the school.  BIG mistake.  I'm just not ready to drive yet and I really need to get it through my head.  I hit a curb and blew 2 tires (no damage to my car otherwise though).  My poor husband was so upset with me.  It'd be one thing, but my car is brand new and I scuffed up both rims on the passenger's side.  I also ruined both tires and it's going to cost a fortune to replace them.  There's one thing about Acura's, they put the most expensive tires on their cars.  I should be thankful nothing happened to me or my son, and my husband is.  I just feel like such a failure.  I'm depressed and disappointed right now and hope that this soon will pass.

Again, each day, new challenge.

btw, this put a tag on it I can't remove.  Sorry.

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by Sassy91265, Jan 07, 2009
So ,So Sorry to hear abot this . Hope you start feeling better. And I know the feeling about the car I ran into a car about 5 months ago (rear ended ha man) not hard but enough to mess up my hood and my hubby had a fit too.First accident i ever had but these things happen. We don't want them to they just do. Try to smile it will get better

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