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Increasing weight

Jul 26, 2012 - 0 comments



increased weight




nervous eating



I was very nervous about my upcoming two-day chemical stress test.  Nurses and technicians have difficulty outing IV's in me.  I alsoknew I would be placed in a machine for MRI and have to place my arms above my head for half hour to 45 minutes. I have difficulty raising my arms due to car accident in 1999.  Also I am closterphobic. With all this anxiety just kept eating.  We also had to have emergency plumbers as 2nd floor toilet was dripping through first floor kitchen. That was over $1,000 cost.  That was after 4 house windows ordered costing over $2,000 .  Anr $590 cost, of course it was emergency.  All of the stress edged me towards eating and I gained weight.

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