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Day 5

Jul 28, 2012 - 0 comments

Today went good. I went back to work . Was slammed as soon as I walked in with about 50 kids and 25 adults in town for football. I had to say a lil prayer when I seen it. A lil scared that my easy detox would catch up with me today.

I am very proud of myself tho, because I didnt squeeze any money outta my paycheck for pills. That was ALWAYS in my budget. NOT ANYMORE. I've decided that I'm gonna start treating myself to something nice with some of the money I save from now on. Cuz if I could afford this madness for the last year, Im making way more money than I thought. And all this time I thought I was broke. Wow.

No real w/d synptoms today. Headache from about 5pm on, damn double queen I had to clean was really too much. I aint been rite ever since. Had the chills all day, and was sneezing, but I dont really mind that. I was finally able to eat real food today without shittin ten minutes later. That was nice. Even still, Id take that over staying trapped for another day.

I been praying a lot. Its getting me thru. God is good, and He's the only one that can really help me now. Feelin kinda bad tho, It took all this to get me to give Him thanks and ask for His guidance.  

So, overall, it was a good day. Im feeling blessed. And really feel like this is my time.

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