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Pain issues

Jul 28, 2012 - 1 comments

My history of degenerative joint/disk disease has been very painful over the years. I have had 5 surgeries and metal to help the bones but had to have the metal removed 5 years later due to nerve impingement. Some of the surgeries have helped along with treatment from the pain management team. Nerve blocks have helped but the nerve does grow back over time. The cortisone shots have not been much help but the last shot I had did help and I am walking again for the first time in over 5 years.
I will never be pain free, I have accepted this fact and pain medications do not help. I was on the fentanyl patch which only numbed my mind and did more damage to my body then I ever knew. I am off the patch over a month and use Voltaren gel to take the pain down at least one notch which helps with sleeping. My pain levels are a constant 4-5 on the pain scale but I have learned to live with this pain daily. When I can get the pain down to a 4, it helps me cope throughout the day with my daily tasks. I am due to see my surgeon and pain management team for more treatments but I have found a team that I trust after much research in finding a specialist in these fields. I researched my condition and learned how this will affect me in the future and current pain issues. I got an education and it took a long time to find an orthopedic surgeon that can help with my condition. The pain management team is going through a reorganization and I have to wait over a month to see the head of the clinic but they have helped in the past and hope this will help in the future.

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by TheMadMan, Jul 11, 2013
I have been through a series of pain management doctors who only want to treat with drugs. The pain drugs cause my pancreas to act up severely and I can no longer take those drugs.
I have been going through a series of shots which help and was told that Botox injections calm down the piriformis syndrome I experience. Getting this treatment is becoming a maze of wonder on the doctors part. Many doctors I have been to do not know of this treatment.
Currently I am going to a sport medicine doctor who treats with injections but his credibility is coming into question. He treats but gives no information as to what he injected and I have to probe him for information.
I will be getting re-evaluated for this condition and will make my decision then.
Will keep you posted but would appreciate any information in the treatment of the piriformis syndrome. (I have had the physical therapy sessions but this only results in the activity of this muscle acting up again and I am told to return to my treating doctor, so I tired of this physical therapy session. I do my own physical therapy by walking and this has helped very much.)
Thanks for listening.

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