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gray day

Jan 08, 2009 - 0 comments

I do not have a major headache today which is good first time in a long time.and the heartburn is gone. i must be going back to the hyper mode. I am taking inderal so i don't have the heart rate skyrocketing. the sweating for no reason is back. i slept good, only woke up 4 times.  course i took a xanax, which may have had something to do with the sleeping so good. i hate taking medications but after a while of up all nighters, you'll try anything including some root doctor therapy. it's about 60 in the house so i really don't know if i am heat sensitive or not. spoke with my gp today, she is getting me another  endo referral for a second opnion.she's not happy with my currentl situation and believes that it is time to seek out other options due to the fact that my current endo does not seem to be able to get me stablized. I  have started coughing again, with a scratchy throat, i swear i catch everything. maybe it never really went away???? i've lost 7 lbs in 2 days which is good seeing as i have gained 20 in less than a month.

well, i have just found out officially that i have no insurance. guess i'll be heading to the free clinic for my blood work and pay out the you know what for a visit with the new endo. when i went to the clinic to get my blood work they said they were "normal" till i mentioned I was hyper then, all of a sudden the dr was like well they are on the low side?? shouldn't the tsh be low and t3 and t4 be high?i appriciate the fact that it is there, i just sometimes i wonder if they are using the same  normal range they used 30 years ago!?. what would happen if i just stopped going to the dr? ok thought about it, not an option.this disease is not only going to break me mentally and physically but financially too. geeeeeeze!

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