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Aiden's Birth Story

Jul 30, 2012 - 4 comments

On July 25th, we arrived at the hospital at 10am for my scheduled induction. I got checked in, did some paperwork, and then my nurse, Becky, took me and my 'entourage' to a private, huge, labor and delivery room. My husband was there, as well as my daughter, who begged to be able to be with me during labor and delivery. My parents were also there. I had hired a doula to assist with my labor, but she arrived a few hours later. I really wasn't kidding about my entourage LOL.
Once I got settled in, Becky talked through some more information with us, and hooked up the fetal monitor, and contraction monitor. Apparently, I was having contractions every 10 minutes--before they hooked up my pitocin drip-- but I was so used to them that I didn't even notice them any more. Becky got my IV started, and they started the pitocin drip at an extremely low dose at 11:15am. The contractions got closer together and a tiny bit stronger, but I didn't feel much. They upped the dose of pitocin after 1 hour, and nothing much was happening. They let me wear the telemetry fetal monitoring, so I could wander the hallways. I was getting bored. After another couple of hours, at around  1:15pm, I saw my OB heading toward my room as I was doing yet another walk around the hallways. She said, "Do you want me to break your water so that we can get this labor going?" I said," yes, please!" I walked back to my room while she told the nurses to get everything ready. At about 1:30pm, she checked me and said,"OK, you're about 4 cm dilated, almost 100% effaced, but you're not in real labor yet." At 1:35pm, she broke my water. At 1:40pm, I felt the first real contraction. It HURT!!!! OMG, that was intense. Becky said,"OK, try not to anticipate the strong contractions before you're having them." I wanted to say,"No, you don't understand, that was a very strong contraction!!" But I was concentrating too much, and it hurt too much to talk. I told my DH to call our doula (she ended up arriving about 45 minutes before I gave birth, LOL). The next strong contraction came 3 minutes later, and then I just lost track of time. The fetal monitor hurt so much when I had contractions that I wanted to pull it off. I actually did pull off the contraction monitor but Becky said,"it's OK, we know you're having plenty of contractions!" With my DD, I remember lying on my side during labor, but during this labor, I had to squat and lean over the bed, and then my doula and Becky told me to get on my knees, on the bed, facing backwards, with the back of the bed raised to a 90 degree angle. I alternated between those two positions for my contractions. I never felt like I wasn't going to make it without pain medication during my DD's birth, but this was different. I don't know when, but it must have been after about 45 minutes or an hour, I started saying,"I can't do this". But, Becky and my doula kept saying I was doing great, and talking me through the contractions. By that point, I didn't know it, but I was only about 30 minutes from giving birth. I started to have the urge to push at about this time, and I felt like I had to have a BM. I told Becky, and she said we should go to the bathroom. I went in and she told me to sit on the toilet. I had a stronger urge to push, and she said, go ahead. A gush of blood came out (sorry TMI). I was worried, but Becky said," I think something pretty exciting is going to be happening soon. That was your bloody show." She said, OK, let's get back to the bed, and I'm going to check your dilation during your next contraction. That next contraction was so painful with her checking, I thought I was going to explode. But, she said, "OK you are just about 10cm and ready to push with your next contraction. Someone page Dr. Carter quickly."  I think Dr. Carter had already been on her way over, because she hurried in a minute or two later. She said,"Wow! That was fast!"  They got me up on the bed and in the stirrups for delivery. The next contraction came, and she said,"push now." Becky and Dr. Carter were cheering me on, and I was feeling the home stretch. They told me I did great. Dr. Carter said, "Maybe one or two pushes, and Aiden will be out!" Just then, Becky said,"was that the baby or the mom?" I realized she was talking about the fetal monitor. Dr. Carter said, "That's the baby." I realized that his heart rate was going down. She said,"push hard with this next contraction." I was more than inspired, and scared about the heart rate. I pushed as hard as I could, and then pushed again, and his head was out!! Everyone was very excited. One more push, and his whole little body was out. He was doing great! The cord was wrapped around his neck once, and he also had a knot in the cord, so that caused the distress at the very end--but only for about 2-3 minutes. His 1 minute and 5 minute APGAR scores were both 9s. Good thing that it was a quick labor! My DH cut the cord, and then they handed me my beautiful baby. He latched right on, and started breastfeeding. I got to spend one hour of skin to skin time with Aiden before they did any weighing or other procedures. It was so magical, and just what I had dreamed of for his birth. He was very alert, and had his eyes open, looking up at me with those little blue eyes. I never thought I could feel so much love, again, just like I had with Leila when she was born. This two and a half year journey to my second baby was difficult, and I had almost lost hope by the time Aiden was conceived. I'm glad that I didn't give up hope, and tried one more time for our 'miracle' baby. He's here now!  I feel so lucky, and so happy that my family is complete.

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334926 tn?1436811523
by butterflybabies, Jul 30, 2012
Great birth story! So glad he is here safe and sound! Great job momma!

1396867 tn?1520810258
by hopeitworks, Jul 30, 2012
I am so happy to read he arrived safely, and your right to have never lost HOPE!! :)

1340863 tn?1366641084
by sisi2399, Jul 30, 2012
Awesome story!!!! I'm glad you didn't give up hope too.  I know what you mean.  I almost threw the towel ttc too.  Now Aiden is here for you and Mason for me.  We are blessed

1804812 tn?1329677557
by sadiegirl69, Aug 01, 2012
Congratulations!  That was a wonderful ending to a very beautiful story.  You are truly blessed.

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