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Jul 30, 2012 - 0 comments

Abel finally started up his 2nd cycle of chemo today. It's about time! He got approved for health insurance and is fully covered with only a $17 a month payment. How lucky is that?! Anyway, he got approved so now he is at the Cancer Care Center. We both HATE it. We were originally in the hospital since he didn't have insurance at the time, but it was wonderful. It was quiet, he had his own bed, we knew all the nurses as well as they knew him, it was comfortable for both of us, and convenient. This place is complete opposite. He gets really tired from the chemo but he can't sleep with a lot of noise and he gets easily irritated too. It's not a good combo. lol This outta be interesting. It's so uncomfortable too. He's in like a recliner-like chair with no chair next to him for me to sit in as well as no plug to use my laptop. FML.

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