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gained 15 pounds eating comfort food

Aug 01, 2012 - 0 comments



comfort foods


Low Oxygen

I ordered an awesome scale from It is so great, measures me by age, body fat , water weight, and muscle mass. It is perfect for the scales which I treated with such care, but my husband would just pounce upon them with his dirty shoes on and all his clothing and he just destroyed it.  I got on it for all my clothes are too small, my underwear roll down , none of my shorts fit or all my tops are tight and none of my size 8 dresses fit. It is so odd for when I bought these clothes years ago I was in solid health , heavy muscle mass and low fat mass.. I excersized daily about 4 or more hours.. but in Feb of 2000 I had some kind of an attack. It caused my entire left side to go numb and I was already experiencing Dropfoot and eye problems.  RED FLAGS for MS including a test that was positive for bi-lateral optical neuritis. I have two cateracts that are small now but will need surgery as I age.  
    Doctors lied to me about the danger of the Peripheral Neuropath and other forms of nurological nature.  I was exposed to a pesticide on a daily basis for my husband is a pest control applicator. he later bought the business.  I was  being posioned daily via his skin and clothing and his work clothes which his boss started me doing instead of using a uniform shop to have them cleaned.  I had no clue about pesticides, they have ruined my life.
   I was a hairstylist among other things, but anything with perfume or smelly chemical crap in it causes my throat to swell and I have lung infections so I had to give up my love of doing hair.
   I had to fight with social security to get it.. On every application that ended up a denial one of my diagnosis were affective mood disorder.  However I was told I could work and live on part time work with low to no stress. I LOL and then cried..time after time I was denied, sent to their doctors who contradicted mine.. dragged my case out over 10 years or more. And in the end I was finally approved for Affective mood disorder, in reality I had a stroke and a fresh bleed which was really the problem.
Just like the Peripheral Neuropathy is a symptom of an underlying illness which mine was Pesticide poisoning and Lead and other negitive metals.
   I divorced my husband but did not know the bottom of our economy was being bottomed out by the GOP, just like they are closing down our USPO all over by using a back door, getting all of us who use the computer or the phone to make payments and get paperless bills ergo: loss of funds to the USPO and in the end they can't afford to keep the smaller Post Offices open and stop getting us our mail on Sat.  Well this is how they use SSI patients, like hurry up and die already!
   I do not want to die.  If not for my lungs which I can help them, and the neurological problems I have no vascular problems or heart ..but feel if I can't keep my oxygen level up as high as possible so my brain can rebuild my cells so I can think clearly and not have to do word search  tip of the tongue crapola.
   I am tired of dealing
I want healing
I need a good doctor who will send me to a lung specialist ..I was 130 but have lost to 124 in one week by stopping all sweets and sugar/flour combonations foods. Pastries cakes sweet candy. Just by stopping those thing and then eating better choices and good food like Peanut butter / jam sand, a glass of skim milk and a fruit.  my photo was taken at xmas eve 2011. At 61 plus.  I was just starting to gain perhaps 5 pounds. I will be back to 112 or 110 very soon and now keep it off by at least walking in place since I can't go outside most of the time.

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