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Fertilization Report

Mar 01, 2008 - 3 comments

Out of our blackjack 21 eggs, 14 were at the right maturity and 11 fertilized normally.  So we have 11 embryos growing as of this morning.  We are doing an HLA-G marker test on the ones that are still going strong on Monday and will be transferring our best 2 or 3 on Wednesday.  
Now it is time to enjoy Vegas for a few days....

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by Helen72, Mar 01, 2008
Congrats!  11 growing embryos is a great number.
Enjoy your time in Vegas!

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by LauraAA, Mar 02, 2008
I am very happy for you. I went through IVF with ixy (sp?)10 yrs ago.  Unfortunately no pregnancy.  My body did not have the fertility issue it was my husband.  I don't want to scare you but want you to be aware that you possibly could be at a greater risk for Ovarian and uteran cancer from the fertility drugs.  I was diagnosed 2yrs ago with both.   When you go the the gyn make sure you also have an internal sonogram and a ca-125.  A regular pap only covers the cervix. I wish I would have known this.  I still have frozen embryos and thinking a lot about possibly a surrogate.

Good luck.  I hope you have many beautiful healthy happy babies.  

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by SDteacher, Mar 02, 2008
Wooo Hoooo!  Let us know the results of the marker.  I am very happy for you guys.  Already, you have results.  You are in my thoughts;as always.  

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