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Chemo Cycle 2, Day # 4

Aug 02, 2012 - 0 comments

Given his usual stuff and they are giving him magnesium sulfate as well as his fluids and chemo. Next week, he will be getting Neupogen every single day because according to the nurses, the last cycle he had, his WBC plummeted to near dangerous levels. :-\ I didn't realize how close he was to being hospitalized until today.

A few symptoms/side effects he is experiencing are rather odd considering he didn't have these during the first cycle. He's been really cold lately despite it being 80+ degrees every day. We've been bringing my fleecie blanket to his treatments to cuddle him up in. It's so cute. The nurses call it his blankie. lol He's also been having a hard time hearing. All I hear from him now is "huh?" "what?". Chemo brain is super bad this time too. He's always been a mush mouth, but this takes it to a whole new level. I need to find some activities to keep his brain up to par so he doesn't sound like his IQ is dropping by the minute. Mood swings are another symptom/side effect, but they are minor (thank God). The worst symptom/side effect is the nausea with the metallic taste. He's barely eating and I know he's not drinking enough. I've been giving him little snacks just to get something in his system. He can no longer eat or drink anything red and has anticipatory nausea. I never thought that was real until I noticed it this week. He gets sick as soon as the Cancer Center is in sight. Something strange is he has heighten sense of smell. The last one I can think of is a creepy-crawly/pins and needles feelings all over his body. I swear, he's acting like a pregger. LOL I'm just glad he doesn't have the diarrhea anymore.

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