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Wrist tendonitus/carpal tunnel

Aug 03, 2012 - 0 comments

Carpal Tunnel




Wrist pain


Wrist Brace

A while back I bought a DVD of stretches for my wrist.  When I do the exercises it does help a lot, and I've only been doing them faithfully every day for a week or so.  Even when I only did them irregularly it was helping quite a lot.  I'd been wearing a brace for months because of pain and weakness from overuse of the wrist injured in motorcycle accident forty years ago.  The full DVD takes about a half hour (including some bonus neck stretches), but once I learned the stretches it only takes about fifteen minutes.  I have to do the exercises twice a day or the pain comes back right away, but the program says I should be able to discontinue regular use of the stretches/exercises after a little while and only have to do them periodically as the trouble recurs.  Half the cost of a good wrist brace as it's currently available for less than half price plus free shipping if you order directly from this website.

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