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Aug 04, 2012 - 11 comments

Well so far the summer has been great. I’ve gotten a lot done around the house and did some traveling as well. As fall approaches, I'm contemplating if I want to do another FET or a fresh cycle. After all, we became pregnant after doing a fresh cycle. Gosh! I just don't know what to do at this point. I do know if I get one more baby shower invitation I might scream LOL!

It seems like everyone around me has become pregnant!! Friends, family, med help buddies everyone! I think I've received at least six shower invitations. Even my niece and her husband are now expecting. I try not to become overwhelmed with the WHEN WILL IT BE OUR TURN QUESTION. I am truly happy for everyone but unfortunately DH and I can't help from noticing EVERYONE is becoming pregnant!

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1571146 tn?1399913292
by Moma_Cher, Aug 04, 2012
Awwww, hang in there! I know how hard it can be!!! I think you should do an FET. Lots of women have success with FET's!! I believe the stats for success are better with them too.

Best of luck ;-)

1293683 tn?1334022810
by tones99, Aug 04, 2012
This bub I am so close to having is an fet after we had done 5 stim cycles and one other fet in there too. I am with Cheri. Go for it!  Ask if you can do a natural cycle. I did for this one and it was fantastic. They work with your cycle and you don't need drugs. So much easier!!  Good luck hon. I will be stalking you for updates!

296076 tn?1371338074
by melimeli, Aug 04, 2012
we are all pulling for you!

1969424 tn?1353024241
by SeptemberBound, Aug 04, 2012
Oh Hun it is going to happen, but I know how you feel!  I can't even count how many years I was in the same position.  I know your faith is strong and that will get you through all this. Pray about it and let the Lord direct your path :-) I will keep you in prayer but I kow it is going to happen for you, you were one of the ladies that got me through my first trimester.  Just keep your faith!

1742167 tn?1436475320
by heather727, Aug 06, 2012
I don't know much about IVF or medicated cycles in general.  But I do hope and pray that it will be your time soon!  I know how frustrating it can be when everyone around you seems to be getting pregnant.  After my m/c in 2010 there was litterally a baby boom at work.  One woman even had the same due date that I had.  What made matters worse was that DH didn't want to try again right away, so there was no realy hope of me getting pregnant again while I was watching all these bumps grow every day. :(

Your time WILL come though.  I'm hoping and praying that it's SOON. :-D

1462588 tn?1345065395
by TAGLAS, Aug 15, 2012
As always Thank you ladies!! You really help me keep the faith :)


1302038 tn?1439578832
by TinaR10, Aug 15, 2012
trust I understand how u feel but just u watch at the time when u least expect it u will be expecting lol

2100308 tn?1388500439
by Yrmacias, Aug 15, 2012
In the same boat here. Babies, baby showers, pregnant woman everywhere!

Avatar universal
by 2long2wait, Aug 15, 2012
Long time no speak.  I know exactly how you are feeling.  I actually stopped going to showers last year as I felt it was making me more depressed.  I find it hard to even watch TV these days because every second add is for baby products!  You have to keep trying until you know that you are ok with not trying anymore and will not regret giving up.  I really wish good things for you and your hubby and hope you are blessed with a miracle baby soon.

1203557 tn?1345857460
by stargazy, Aug 20, 2012
First cycle was a fresh cycle and had BFP, 2nd cycle in April this year was a FET and didn't take at all... Not sure what we'll be doing yet, taking a break as well (and trying the old fashioned way). I must have ended up on some baby list somewhere, cause at the beginning of August I started getting all these formula samples and diaper coupons in the mail. Was ready to scream! Luckily that has stopped now. Hope you enjoyed your summer! Big hugs!

1659646 tn?1325310727
by dancingmama, Aug 21, 2012
Taglas - I wish I had frozen embies....I'd try them--maybe a natural cycle as someone suggested..sometimes people do better without all the meds on board....But you have to go with your gut...You could do a fresh cycle and then transfer some of the frozen along with the fresh depending on how many embies you have and how many RE recommends to transfer...Good luck to you!

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