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Jan 09, 2009 - 0 comments

i feel yuckkyy. no energy,eyes hurt they're gonna blow outta my sockets, i just know it!!  irritable, aches and pains. coughing again, and again, and again. last night b/p 148/105, hr 138, temp 101. went to a clinic to get blood tests, because i have no insurance and cannot afford to have them done at my doctors office. they use the same lab so, anyway, i see this doctor give him the request for labs to be done from my endo, he looks at my vitals, and says if i was your dr you'd be back on the tapazole tomorrow. but call your endo. so i call endo and nurse says, the dr. does not want you to take any med's i.e. tapazole and inderal. i explain to her again that my heart is racing, she says well take the inderal but do not take the tapazole. i feel like pure *&^%$. i am expected to just wait? i know the drill, but when you feel this way, waiting is not part of the vocabulary ! i just want it to stop, go away. leave me be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just one day! my endo expects me to deal with this all weekend? she has gone nuts! but of course these dr's don't live this every darn day, they just deal with patients that have it, they can go home, no pain, no suffering,no heart racing, insomnia, wow. must be nice.boy am i whiney today!

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