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Aug 06, 2012 - 0 comments


struggling with my weight takes a toll on my every day life. even when you have to lose it all over again, and let me tell you the 2nd time around is the hardest. I feel said and sometimes i don't like going any where because i do not feel good about my self. i think to my self just a year i made it down to 182 pounds. I was so happy at that point just to be less then 200. I started to see my self again, like how i looked in high school. i was not big growing up i weighed about 125 pounds. i started after i had my first baby. i gain 100 pounds then i started losing it. After i got pregnant with my 2nd baby i started to lose even more. that made me feel good, but once i had my 3rd and 4th thats when i notice my weight getting out of control. I was shy of maybe 20 pounds of reaching 300 pounds. I give big love to my sister in law moma and luis for juicing. together they lost more then 100 pounds from that and they look grate. now i just need to get it together and do it to.

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