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OB called this morning

Aug 06, 2012 - 0 comments

I'm so lazy that have not written a journal in a while lol!!! This morning I was about to leave the house for my US appointment when my OB called to tell me that the hospital is giving her a hard time and won't schedule my C-section next week unless I have an amniocentesis to make sure the baby's lungs are mature, just the tough of it scares me to death.
Well, I went to my appointment and talked to the perinatologist about it and she said the best thing to do would be to schedule the amniocentesis for next Monday because they will get better results since I'm still 35 weeks and 4 days. Besides that Christian looks great, he has grown a lot, HR was on the 150's , weight around 6 pounds, he is head down. We could not get any pictures because his face is too close to the placenta and  he was moving a lot during the ultrasound.
So, seems like next week is going to be busy for me. Amniocentesis, and last OB appointment on Monday, have to go register at the hospital and get my preop testing done either Monday or Tuesday, and C-section on Friday. I get tired just thinking about it lol!!!!!

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