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Aug 06, 2012 - 3 comments

next step


failed iui


take a break





So, I am wrapping up my day and thankfully not feeling so bad. In fact I feel ok.Much less depressed than the previous two times. I think both the hormone milkshake and the natural PMS feelings are about out of my system and for the first time since the beginning of July I feel like myself again. The extra anxiety and stress I’ve been carrying around seem to have melted away.
I am of course so disappointed that our last IUI wasn’t a success. I haven’t told my Mom yet. Tonight Jeff and I are going to decide what the next step will be in this process. Are choices are as following:
• On Wednesday start back up on the Clomid to prepare for a 4th IUI
• Begin the IVF process- (what our RE is recommending to significantly increase our chances of conception)
• Could we emotionally/ethically think about a DSIUI (highly recommended by our RE if we wanted to have greater chance for IUI success)
• Take a break and just relax for a month- tick tock, tick tock (that’s the sound of my biological clock ticking-LOL)
Truthfully told I am not sure that any of the four choices feel that great…more tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be feeling more excited after tonight’s discussions.

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2100308 tn?1388500439
by Yrmacias, Aug 21, 2012
Are you a candidtate for injectables? What is DSIUI?

3154254 tn?1345482890
by EllePS, Aug 21, 2012
Hi! I am a candidate for inject-able meds Our RE thinks it would be better to go the IVF route instead for the costs and likeness of getting a positive response. Also, my insurance does not cover inject-able meds. DSIUI is Donor Sperm...
This month off has been good in many ways. I do feel a bit more like myself- although I still physically am not feeling up to par...sore breasts, tired and a bit crankier than usual. It is refreshing to not have the anxiety and uneasiness I had felt during the 2ww. I have been considering our options and have not come any closer to deciding what are next steps should be. I have made an appointment with a different RE to get a second opinion.
How are you doing?

1775846 tn?1394418883
by JMiller10, Aug 21, 2012
I dont reccoment IUi with injectables. Its just so pricey and really doesnt increase your chances that much.
We did 2 timed intercourse with clomid BFN
Then 2 IUIs with Femara BFN (2-3 Follicles)
Then 1 IUI with Follistim BFN ((2-3 Follicles)
Then back to back IUIs with Follistim BFN (4 Follicles)
then moved to IVF, and thankfully lucky the first time around. I get upset that we waited so long for IF. We were suffering with MFI, my DH counts were good after 3 months of Clomid, except morphology was still lower than they wanted (around 5%)...With IVF I had 20 eggs retrieed, and 17 were mature and all fertilized (without having touse ICSI, which surprised us because of MFI)
I just wanted to share my history with you, and hopefully offer some hope. Good luck

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