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What can I do? been on prescription meds for 7 years now.

Aug 07, 2012 - 0 comments

I have a bad neck & my whole back. I've been going to a pain management doctor for the entire time. I had MRI'S done & I have problems walking. I would like to get off my pain meds, but I feel better on them. I don't feel high when I take them I'm just able to move & get out of bed. I have a few children & they are old enough to understand what the meds help me. I have slowed down ALOT since I first started taking them but I want to completely stop taking them. I'm afraid I'll be bed ridden if I do stop. I tried going cold turkey but I ended up sick as hell. I had the cold shakes with hot sweats & nonstop vomiting for 2 days. I couldn't handle it anymore so I got back on them. Unfortunately I can't say anything to my doctor because for the first 4 years I was taking more than prescribed to me & was trading someone else & I'm still paying them back. If I tell my doc that I want to stop I owe too much to this person, so I need to quit without having my pain but yet still get my scripts. What should I do??

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