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gonorrhea and antibiotic resistance

Aug 09, 2012 - 2 comments

really worth listening to in general :)


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by spower30, Aug 16, 2012
Was reading this earlier and makes me really worried, I hope this isn't our case =(

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by Adam90, Feb 07, 2015

I got gonorrhea from China 4 months ago. First the doctor gave me some
antibiotic (name was chinese so I did not know) and the dripping and pain stopped.

After few days the pain came back.

Then I took Zithromax course of 10 days.
The pain went off but came back after few days.

Then I took Ceftriaxone injection course of
9 days, with Zithromax together.

The pain came back after few days.

Then I took Cefixime + Zithromax course of 10 days.

The pain came back after few days.

Then the doctor told me that the gonorrhea is chronic
and is infected my prostate, thats why the pain is there
but it does not show outside (as dripping.)

Then he gave me 18 days of some sort of enema and
injections (in chinese again.)

Then the pain came back after few days.

Now I came to thailand.

But I dont want to see a doctor without having a proper
suggestion of what I want. It looks like the doctors just give
me some medicine and tell me to go home.

1. Is there 4th or 5th generation antibiotic which might be effective?

2. Does methicillin work against Gonorrhea?

3. Does some kind of hormonal treatment make any benefit, like anavar for example?

4. Can an injection of Cortisol directly to prostate make any benefit?

5. Is something like kemotherapy used against such cases?

6. What can I do anymore?

Thank you so much for your answers.

Please email me directly to my email:


Erik Adam

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