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What is wrong with me?

Jan 10, 2009 - 2 comments

It has been more than 3 weeks I have not yet get my mensus.Yesterday, I went to see doctor and sadly I was not pregnant.But why is my stomach getting bigger and I am having all the signs of pregnancy??
I do not know what is wrong with me my last mensus was on 18/11/08 but only lasted for two days..

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717931 tn?1230265431
by iamhuda, Jan 13, 2009
hi...u ade cuba try pegi lain doc? Cuba cara perubatan yang lain ke? jgn putus asa...usaha terus. try jumpe doc pakar puan.... mayb ade penyebab di dalam badan kita yang kita tak tahu...

714353 tn?1231571705
by Shafarina, Jan 14, 2009
I dah pergi doctor Aziz, tapi dia kata becoz of my weight i tak leh ada baby..pergi urut, tukang urut cakap insyallah tak lama lagi i dapat..i sedih...kak ada pergi kat mana2 doctor tak?

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