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6 weeks left

Aug 11, 2012 - 2 comments

well I kept myself pretty busy dealing with work and family coming out for the summer. most of my sx have leveled off. hair is still coming out a little at a time but not going bald. I slowed down a bit on my water intake and that seemed to help my bloating and hollow tummy feeling, I was working on 1 1/2 -2 gal., now I'm at about 1 gal. I don't react to the sun anymore either. I'm getting quite the tan now that the sun is out. I eat lots of protein and carbs and a lot of fruit. still have that terrible taste in the back of my throat and the cough is a bit of a bother as it sometimes makes me gag. Wednesdays still suck from the shot and Thursdays I have a really sore back from not moving much on Wednesday
All in all its going pretty good!  

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by bobbyguest, Jun 05, 2014
Today is my day for my Biopsy so here we go. I guess a lot of people here have had this but no one tells you whether it is painful or if your are sedated. I know they told me I am in recovery for 2-4 hours. Hopefully my liver isn't damaged. They have me on steroids, 4 a day but they leave a bad metal taste in your mouth and nothing tastes good. Hopefully I can recover like most of you and I pray you all get well. Thank you for yopur input. Bobby

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by Grandmajane420, Jun 05, 2014
Be sure to post the results. How did it go today?
I've had 2 biopsies they were each done a little differently.

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