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Can I do this?

Aug 13, 2012 - 1 comments

I am looking into my future.  I have decided that the best thing for my children and I, is for my bf and I to go our separate ways.  The problem is this... he has put me into a financial mess, he has torn things apart in my house and not finished renoing them.  So, I am planning on keeping him around until I can pull myself out of all this debt he's got me in, and perhaps get some of the reno's he started, finished!  Basically, I feel like I am using him before I get the nerve to send him out, but I feel like he's been using me for the last 6 years.  I am not this person, I've never been like this yet I feel I have to be to get things on track for my kids!  I just feel like such a ***** about it all, and I pray that it doesn't turn me into this kind of person!
I wonder if I can do all this while on all these medications!

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by sadmomma4, Sep 01, 2012
Well wonderful, seems we are on the same page, except he's gonna go after half my house!!!!  I must have SUCKER written on my forehead!  No wonder I can't make it through this life!!!!  I just wanted someone to share life with, not someone to tear it down!!!

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