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After period:

Aug 13, 2012 - 0 comments

Took 3 hearAll from NaturalCare yesterday...Also 2 iron pills 35 mcg. & 2 copper that you need copper in order to absorb iron...Am feeling anemic- combination of my period plus too much coconut water (the fat is a laxative & can be dangerous in excess for low blood pressure people which is me)...I ruined my electrolyte balance by adding pumpkin seeds to my diet after the coco water...The high magnesium in the seeds (also a laxative) threw me way off...Which is why I am now supplementing with iron & copper...My neighbours are painting again, so have added Goji berries to my diet, which cleans the liver by adding Oxygen...The paint fumes act like Hydrogen,the turps really are the problem...Raw garlic is another way to get rid of turp headaches...(cleans pancreas)...

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