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IVF #2  Week 1

Aug 14, 2012 - 2 comments

8-7-12 First appt with Acupuncturist-  treatment
8-11-12- Acupuncture

8-12-12 - Aunt Flow started

8-13-12-  Saw my RE-  US of uterine lining looks good and no cysts on my ovaries!   Estrogen was 54.   (We are
                    changing up the protocol this round and doing Gonal F twice daily instead of Gonal F and menopur)
             Started Stims:  Gonal F-  225 IU in am and 187.5 IU in PM and Doxycycline twice a day for me and hubby.

8-14-12-  Acupuncture-   (electrical stimulation to needles on abdomen)  Weird sensation and had some lower
            abdomen cramping for the rest of the day
              Gonal F- 225 IU in am and Gonal F 187.5 IU in PM-    Doxy twice a day for me and hubby

8-15-12  Gonal F- 225 IU in am and Gonal F 187.5 in PM-   Doxy twice a day for me and hubby
     I am not sure if it is the meds or acupuncture with electrical stimulation or both!   I am having major cramps, low
      back pain and discomfort in my ovaries. I usually have a light period- but it is heavier then normal.   I didn't have
      this last time because I was OCP and bled for the entire month leading up to my stims then it stopped.

8-16-12-  Gonal F 225 in am.   Took my Doxy this am but not with enough food.  On my way to my RE appt I felt so
                  nauseated and my stomach was killing me.   Made it to the office just in time to lose my breakfast.  
         RE appt went well.  My lining is good.  I have 5-6 follies on each side.  This time they are even in size!  Better
          than IVF #1.   Estrogen was 169.  -  
    Acupuncture appt was good-  had needles in my back this time with electrical stim to my legs and low back.  I
                  think it is messing with my period.   It was so heavy today!   Hope it means my body is working.  
        Gonal F 187.5 IU in PM along with my Doxy- this time with a full stomach.

8-17-12  Gonal F 225 in Am.  Doxy 2x/day.    Gonal F 187.5 IU in pm

8-18-12  Gonal F 225 in am.  Doxy 2x/day-    Gonal F 187.5 IU in pm
         Appt with RE-   Right side has 5 follies size 10-12,  Left side 6 follies- size 11-13.  
            My blood work was a little lower then expected (forgot to ask #) so they continued same meds for today.  
    Acupuncture-  needles in abdomen with electrical stim to my lower abd and legs.  I think he was busy today and
         the timer went off and I felt like I was laying there for ever waiting.... I started thinking ...what if there was an
          earthquake?   I would be stuck on this table with all these wires and needles.  Not a good way to let myself r
         relax.  =)

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by robin85, Aug 14, 2012
i went the acupuncturist today to :) ....after i get on feels like on crack/or high all i do is smile and very mellow :/ do u get that feeling to

whats gonal ??? u started ur meds i dont start mine till about the 23

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by jennydots14103, Aug 15, 2012
I don't get that feeling.  I get a little tingling feeling but I can't tell if it is because I am terrified to move.  ha ha.  

Gonal F-  (follitropin alfa for injection) is a human follicle stimulating hormone (FSH).  I started them on 8-13-12.  So I hate injections (even though I am a nurse)  I can poke other people just not myself.  Last night my husband gave me my injection with the pen and he moved his hand weird and dropped the pen while it was still in me.  I think it freaked us both out.  The needle came out and scratched me a little and made me bleed.   Poor guy is just trying to help.  I was a little mad at first but then we both just laughed.    

What are you using for you stims?

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