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Lucy 08-15-12

Aug 15, 2012 - 2 comments










Happy Birthday Lucy,
Today Lucy is celebrating her 14th Birthday.  She is doing very well, like nothing happened.  The operation seems to be a very long time ago.  Her incision is all healed and she is full of energy.

We are pretty happy not to have put her through the chemo.  We will need to do a check up soon, but she seems very healthy.

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by opus88, Aug 15, 2012
Oh HAPPY BIRTHDAY indeed dear little Lucy...I've been wondering how you were doing, I'm so glad to hear your daddy tell us how well you are, that is marvelous news honey...what a beautiful girl you are..congrats ((>^.^<))

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by jessica501, Aug 28, 2012
Dear Lucy, appy belated birthday! Please continue to live well and happily! You give us a huge encouragement! Our Chin Chin looks exactly like you, except she is 4 years younger! She's going to have her stitches removed today and it is very likely that we won't let her go through the chemotherapy either! Live well and be healthy Lucy! =^..^=

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