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US today

Aug 15, 2012 - 1 comments

I found out my progesterone levels dropped from 28 on Staturday to 17 on Monday so they ordered a us. I swa the sac but no yolk sac or fetal pole. I am guessing 4 weeks, the dr said 5 weeks. The us tech would not let me see but said she saw no baby just a gestational sac right in the center of the uterus. I was so scared and called Ricky, I was alone with Henry. Then the dr just said I was too early. The us machaine was horrible and tiny not a good one t all! He said I am not getting enough progesterone. He is super nice adn I hate lying to him that I am planning a homebirth!

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by Spiket77, Aug 16, 2012
I had low progesterone with my first and used that crinone natural progesterone stuff. I guess it did the job but it was messy! This time, my midwife has me on Vitex (chasteberry) herbal supplement till the end of next week (14 weeks). It is doing the job and my numbers have been great! Just something to consider. You can buy vitex at most health food stores.

Hang in there! We are doing a homebirth too and I understand how it can be conflicting when you are using the medical team. are just being a good Mama!

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