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Erythema AGAIN

Jan 11, 2009 - 0 comments






It's 2:39 am and I can't sleep. I've learned the many times before that no matter how hard I try to fall asleep, I won't.  I'm bothered by the itching and burning symptons of EM. It's so annoying. Why does something like this even have to exist. It's complete torture. I miss several days of school, work, and it hurts to do anything.  I've had it for a while, and the last time I got it, it came back to back. I was sick from it and stayed home from school for nearly a week. Then I was okay for about 3 days then I got it again, and I was lucky that when I got it, it was the beginning of some holiday. So, I didn't miss any school.  Now, it's january, and I have it again. Sometimes, I just want to die. Itching, burning, feels like something is constantly biting you, and can't sleep. Face itches, scout tingles, bubbles in nose and ears's horrible. I'm up right now, researching more about EM. It's such a stupid disorder. My doctors going to give me Valtrex and some steriods again, the same things she has been prescribing. *sigh* I probably can't go to work tomorrow. Nor school monday..I have test to take and make-up, and I'm missing everything. I hate Erythema so much....for my making LIFE absolutely MISERABLE.

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