The Lows of TTC Journals
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I feel like I;m being tortured from ttc

Aug 18, 2012 - 2 comments

Being a Army Wife and ttc when almost every female on base is pregnant or with newborns and I envy them. It hurts so bad to see all of this day after day constantly reminding me of what i want so bad to share with my husband. Ive prayed ive cried ive tried giving up yet the feeling wont excape. Our insurance dont cover IVF nor do we have the means to afford it out of pocket, so im thinking about possibly doing IUI since its more affordable. Im still praying that something happens soon, its making me miserable!

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by lovelyglover, Aug 21, 2012
And now yer EXPECTING!  :D


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by Nichole05, Aug 22, 2012
i know who would of thought lol that was a pretty good vent lol, thanks!

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